Why Play Android Games On Your PC

Why Play Android Games On Your PC

Pokemon Go is definitely an upcoming mobile game which was announced with the Pokemon Company. The company collaborated with Nintendo and Niantic to the manufacture of the action. Niantic had ended up a subsidiary of Google and it is credited for that development of Ingress augmented reality game. The concept of Pokemon Go is actually a lot like Ingress. In this game, the gamers have been around in the virtual arena where their objective could be to find Pok??mon even so the battles will probably be fought in person. The game utilizes GPS for effective action. Apparently, Niantic had parted from Google in the event the internet giant had chose to reorganize Alphabet.


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While android has been to the highest on cellphone therefore is iPhone. Its application in car DVD player is starting. At present, Android 4.2.2 would be the latest and the majority stable OS version out there. Wince system has been used for the small amount of time the truth is. But science is very amazing that using one can predict its prospect. You are just researching the Wince system currently the android one turn out as being a surprise! New Year is arriving and all of varieties of promotions are flash blinding your vision. In here, if you pick one Eonon GA5180 Android DVD, you can obtain a free rear camera. Really a big sale!

The challenges that players of “Dots” should overcome is usually to properly align dots of similar colors as quickly as they’re able to. This very casual puzzle game requires players to draw in lines between dots of numerous colors to be able to link them together. It is also quite addictive due to the perfect mixture of simple requirements plus the “just right” number of challenge. The player should work fast in the limited quantity of time. It is for sale in multiplayer mode, allowing categories of friends to view whether their pals learn better (or worse) than them. Bonuses are around to players which will make your energy to follow closed loops. Power-ups (all consumable) are shown to players with sufficient levels of gathered dots. The difficulty level faced by players increases with an increase of complicated dot combinations. “Dots” is very attracting mobile users who prefer games which are sharply designed and visually engaging.

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Top Android Games for 2016

A few months ago Google had announced that their app store had reached 65 billion download mark by May 2016. It’s an exciting time to be around and observe hundreds of outstanding game titles jocking for audience in such a growing community of players and game developers. Smartphones have become the Game Boys* of the present and Google’s Play Store one of the most vibrant app stores in existence.

Android Games

While Google Store does offer millions of games in total, the cream of the crop for this year looks very promising.

Brothers – a Tale of Two Sons

Developed by Starbreeze Studios, A Tale of Two Sons proves that gameplay itself can be an effective storytelling tool. Brothers is a twin-stick action adventure game that has the player controlling the two characters simultaneously. Brothers is a game which puts experience before the actual game. The game dazzles with an emotional story, endearing characters, beautiful visuals and a soundtrack to match. So whether or not you pick the game up really depends on what is more important to you – the game or the experience.

Never Alone: Ki Edition

Never Alone is a puzzle platformer with an ideal balance of entertainment and cultural education. With the awe-inspiring Never Alone, we finally have a video game that delves into that most primal of story telling traditions – folklore. As a part of an effort to convey the stories of the Alaskan Inupiat people to a new generation, Never Alone tells the age-old story of Kunuuksaayuka – a quest to relieve a village from an unending blizzard. Never Alone is definitely best played with a friend, although solo play is possible. From a simple, even tedious opening, the game rapidly progresses into a fantastical adventure portrayed in a gorgeously rich pallette of colors.

Evo Explores

While Evo Explores looks and feels like Monument Valley, it has its own unique puzzles, storyline and music. Core mechanics of the game are pretty simple – we are controlling a small robot with an easy touch that gives him commands to move. Our goal is to find the way out of the puzzle. The world of Evo Explores is very bizarre and has 15 chapters each of which has 3 levels. The atmosphere is great thanks to the stunning music, minimalist appeal and nice graphics.

CSR Racing 2

This game was published by Natural Motion Games, and the idea behind it is to compete in drag races to earn cash so you can upgrade your cars or buy new ones. This game really raises the bar for drag racing games on mobile devices. The graphics are really impressive and the options of tuning and upgrading your car are nearly endless. Overall it’s a really impressive and fun game.


Mekorama is a new puzzle game for Android and iOS. The basic concept of the game puts the player in a role of a keeper of an adorably dumb robot which needs to be guided through levels by telling him where to walk and removing obstacles out of his way. Levels are wildly different. The game is technically free, but the developer will keep reminding you throughout the game how much effort was put into the game, which should motivate you to donate.

The Play Store is full of undiscovered gems. And with such an abundance of good titles, the gaming community has a bright future ahead.

* Nintendo’s hugely popular handheld video game console from the 1990s