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Cracked Free Android Games

Android games are some of the hottest mobile apps that you can find, and there are plenty of free games available, such as Candy Crush Saga, Pokémon Go,, and Farm Heroes Super Saga, but the best ones usually cost you or contain microtransactions like Minecraft, Neo Monsters, Zenge, and Five Nights at Freddy’s. In this article, we’ll talk about some of these great games that all gamers love to play, whether they’re casual or hardcore, and everything inbetween. Additionally, we’ll tell you a bit about how cracked games and certain APK files will give you free access to paid games, and we’ll share an even better website,, that will let you play these paid games for free!


Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of those elusive paid games that lets the player travel the world with Minecraft in their phone. Although it isn’t as elaborate as the console and PC editions, there’s a lot of stuff to do for a much cheaper selling point compared to the original build despite the expansive types of biomes and materials to find. With lots of different modes to play, skins, and even a separate edition for a story line, you can play with friends or alone while enjoying a great story and building whatever you want, all from your smartphone.


Neo Monsters

In Neo Monsters, your goal is to be a Neo Monster master! You can travel the world of Othlon in a setting reminiscent of past collect ’em all games like Pokémon, Digimon, and even like Yu-Gi-Oh!. You’re allowed to have a party of up to 16 monsters, and scour the land looking for more friends to play with! Neo Monsters boasts 60 hours of gameplay, so you know you’re going to have plenty of fun playing for hours to come. Neo Monsters also has over 140 side quests that deal with many different things aside from your journey to become a Neo Monster master, which let you continue to play to distract you from the main storyline and keep you entertained when your trainer journey becomes difficult to continue on!



Zenge is an interesting little game in the puzzle genre that follows the tale of a small man named Eon, surfing between the boundary of space and time. You have to solve puzzles, but it’s meant to be peaceful and calming instead of anything hard or fast paced, so there’s music and beautiful art to enjoy while you travel with Eon and see his experiences first hand. The sun, moon, and ice castles are all but a few of whatyou can enjoy when you play Zenge!


Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game unlike any other created. Meet Freddy Fazbear and his backup singers, Foxy the Pirate, Chica, and Bonnie! By day, they seem like any other kind of friendly animatronic. At night, the animatronics wander the pizzeria in search of intruders… Which means you, even though you’re just a graveyard shift security officer! Shield yourself from these scary robots by closing doors and keeping an eye on them through your security cameras and emergency lights, but watch out for your power gauge, because if it goes to zero, it’s lights out for you!

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There are plenty of other sites and games to choose from, but it’s all based on personal taste and what you think is best. These are just a few of our favorite, popular Android games that can be found for free on our favorite cracked website, just follow their simple instructions and you’ll be playing for free in no time!

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