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6 Best Browsers for Android To Make Your Web Browsing Better

– We spend a lot of time surfing the web, from researching products to just finding answers to questions we must know right away, to finding news and anything else that we wanna do on the web. Essentially though, the web is just a bunch of code. What actually makes it look like what we’re used to seeing is your internet browser. Now that means that depending on the browser you’re using, you can have a very different experience when surfing the web. Thankfully, the way that Android works we can actually download any browser that we want from the Play Store and set up as our default browser, and then any time we open any type of link, or go to any webpage, it’ll automatically use that browser seamlessly as if it came on the phone.

So the question then becomes, what is the best browser? Well, in this video, I’ve put together six of the best Android browsers I could find that you should check out. (deep bass music) First up, is Chrome. Google’s own browser has to be on this list. It’s frankly my favorite browser if for no other reason than it’s clean and minimalistic looking, and syncs with all my devices since I use it on all of them and log in with my Google account on each. That means my bookmarks, history, saved form data and passwords etc. comes along to whatever new device I install it on. And for someone with a horrible memory like myself, that’s amazing. On top of that it can automatically translate webpages in other languages for you, it has a voice search feature, and tons more. With over a billion downloads, you can say it’s pretty popular. The browser loved by millions for its speed and super useful add-ons, Firefox browser also has to be on this list.

Chrome Android Browser

With super simple browser tabs, built-in casting support, fun personalization features and tons of add-ons that can add even more functionality, including ad-blocking, added features to sites like Facebook and YouTube when you browse them, and more. It’s no surprise that it has over a hundred million downloads and an almost religiously loyal fan base. Dolphin browser has been around for a long time, and it feels to me like it was one of the first third-party web browsers for Android that we started hearing about years ago.


Thing is, they must be doing something right, as after all this time it’s still here. With a native ad-block built in, slick tabs, bookmarks and add-ons, optimized downloading, and even built in flash support for you know, anyone that might actually still use that, it has a ton to offer. It even has a new feature, called Sonar, which allows you to not only search using your voice, but also share pages to social bookmark sites and more. Opera is another one of the bigger players in the browser industry, having been around for quite some time.

With Opera you get a built in ad blocker, translate feature, automatic compression of videos to help save data and reduce load times, and a smart news feed that allows you to swipe through news channels easily to get to your news faster. On top of that Opera has a small feature that a lot of people seem to love, the ability to force zoom on any site. Whereas most sites have a specific size and don’t allow you to zoom in any further, Opera forces them to allow it, that way you can zoom in and make things a lot easier to read. A browser with a heavy focus on speed, Puffin actually uses cloud servers to process sites on their side, before delivering it to your browser. The idea behind this is that their servers are more powerful than your phone and can render things faster, then deliver it to your device once it’s ready. The server side rendering also affords some other features for the browser, like being able to render Flash for you as well as being able to encrypt all of the data going through the browser for you automatically.


Which makes things like being on an unsecured wifi network just a little bit safer than using a different browser. On top of that, Puffin also compresses the data going to your phone, which means theoretically, less data usage, until you know, you start watching Flash stuff. Mercury Browser was first popular on iOS, and has since made its way to Android. From ad block to Flash support to gestures, auto-night mode, font changes, themes, plug-ins, unlimited tabs and more, it’s basically a clean looking browser with as many features as they can cram into it. On top of that, you can pin-lock the browser for extra security and even add themes to it for extra customization. There you go, the best browsers for Android that I could find. I’m sure there are others that are not on this list that you guys like.

So please leave them in the comments below, I’d love to check them out and I’m sure other people reading this article would like to see them as well. If you did like this article though, please thumbs up it or share it, it is greatly appreciated, and if you want more tech posts like this just visit the site regulary. As always though, thanks for reading.


The Secret Android Button

Today I’m checking out, you know, something that quite candidly I like. This of course, is the idea of contributing buttons, physical buttons, to your smartphone. This is called Pressy, the almighty, Android button. Now I did a video a bit while back about other kinds of button, I can’t even recollect the identify right now but I’ll join it in the specific characteristics You can go check it out, It’s actually three buttons That use NFC and stick to the back of your machine So that you can quickly launch into what it is you require with a physical button.

This one takes a slightly different approach It goes into the headphone jack of your machine. It uses the data portion of that port to provoke many stuffs. Search at the box. Very straightforward here. But the promise Is so extravagant “Keep your Pressy safe” So there you go, they even thought about, when you’re not employing the Pressy You just have this little adapter on your headphone cable that you place it in That’s it! That’s the little guy! Jack, look at that. Search, how cute is that? I don’t use that term cute often.

But when I do its very important. That’s cute And then you pull out the button itself And that’s it! It’s like the end of your headphones without the headphones! Now there is an app. There you go, I applied the system in Now take a look at that Jack, it’s ready to go. So, we’re initiated , now rehearsal clicking. Short press, two short presses, right? Three short presses, oh my goodness. Now its tell people to add an activity. for example: tagging your flashlight, alright. Here “theres going”. Grant your activity a identify, elect a provoke, and go for one press, Okay.

And then I’m done. By default is has three wars broiled in including flashlight, launch camera and toggle mute. flashlight is one press, oh there “theres going”! Woah! That just happened. It’s actually a satisfactory little clink there, as well. It does take a second, but there you have it. Now camera is a double tap. So let’s do a double tap real quick. Hmmm .. do “youve got to be” … How rapidly do “youve got to be”? You have to be somewhat rapidly. It’s a speedy double tap. Ooh we got flashlight that time. It’s a fast double tap like you have to get used to it. This is gonna be the toughest one a triple tap.

Let’s see here … There you go, I got it now. I feel like I am going a hang of it. You can see toggle mute up there, and then to get it off … I’m getting a phone call here, jeez. Hello? Hello ?… To toggle sound Pressy requires access. I look. Okay I gotta’ make it access here. Okay let’s try this again. so, let’s speak I’m watching a video, real quick. Okay, media is all the way up, so we are softened right now. Do the old-fashioned tripple tap. Oh … That’s interesting, that’s interrupting the video.

So if I’m in Youtube, it’s got a different change of rules. it is gonna’ actually pause the video. What “the hells going on” here? I can’t hear … Any Youtube right now. Oh, so you can “ve learned that” … You know why? Because it is of the view that I have headphones plugged in. Wait a second. You can’t use your talkers ?! That’s what happened with the phone call, it thought that I had a headset plugged in. Wait a second here … It’s like hacking the Play-Pause Button on your headphones. We can do a lot of cool substance. Toggle a lot of cool substance here. Lock the screen spin, toggle your … your vibrator, your bluetooth. I’ma try unplugging, and( Noise from phone) Okay, audio is work. Delay it, plug this back in.

Is that Pressy? Yeah, it’s Pressy! Pressy was pressed while being plugged in, satisfy disconnect and connect it again. Without pressing it, holy, this was temperamental. Cool. Still no audio. Soundcloud … Good-for-nothing. Maybe there would be a setting for it to still out place audio via talkers, because for me, that’s kind of a bargain breaker. I really experience a little bit half-baked especially considering the other buttons that I exploited, again I cant recollect the name…


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Why Play Android Games On Your PC

Why Play Android Games On Your PC

Pokemon Go is definitely an upcoming mobile game which was announced with the Pokemon Company. The company collaborated with Nintendo and Niantic to the manufacture of the action. Niantic had ended up a subsidiary of Google and it is credited for that development of Ingress augmented reality game. The concept of Pokemon Go is actually a lot like Ingress. In this game, the gamers have been around in the virtual arena where their objective could be to find Pok??mon even so the battles will probably be fought in person. The game utilizes GPS for effective action. Apparently, Niantic had parted from Google in the event the internet giant had chose to reorganize Alphabet.


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While android has been to the highest on cellphone therefore is iPhone. Its application in car DVD player is starting. At present, Android 4.2.2 would be the latest and the majority stable OS version out there. Wince system has been used for the small amount of time the truth is. But science is very amazing that using one can predict its prospect. You are just researching the Wince system currently the android one turn out as being a surprise! New Year is arriving and all of varieties of promotions are flash blinding your vision. In here, if you pick one Eonon GA5180 Android DVD, you can obtain a free rear camera. Really a big sale!

The challenges that players of “Dots” should overcome is usually to properly align dots of similar colors as quickly as they’re able to. This very casual puzzle game requires players to draw in lines between dots of numerous colors to be able to link them together. It is also quite addictive due to the perfect mixture of simple requirements plus the “just right” number of challenge. The player should work fast in the limited quantity of time. It is for sale in multiplayer mode, allowing categories of friends to view whether their pals learn better (or worse) than them. Bonuses are around to players which will make your energy to follow closed loops. Power-ups (all consumable) are shown to players with sufficient levels of gathered dots. The difficulty level faced by players increases with an increase of complicated dot combinations. “Dots” is very attracting mobile users who prefer games which are sharply designed and visually engaging.

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free android games cracked

Cracked Free Android Games

Android games are some of the hottest mobile apps that you can find, and there are plenty of free games available, such as Candy Crush Saga, Pokémon Go,, and Farm Heroes Super Saga, but the best ones usually cost you or contain microtransactions like Minecraft, Neo Monsters, Zenge, and Five Nights at Freddy’s. In this article, we’ll talk about some of these great games that all gamers love to play, whether they’re casual or hardcore, and everything inbetween. Additionally, we’ll tell you a bit about how cracked games and certain APK files will give you free access to paid games, and we’ll share an even better website,, that will let you play these paid games for free!


Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of those elusive paid games that lets the player travel the world with Minecraft in their phone. Although it isn’t as elaborate as the console and PC editions, there’s a lot of stuff to do for a much cheaper selling point compared to the original build despite the expansive types of biomes and materials to find. With lots of different modes to play, skins, and even a separate edition for a story line, you can play with friends or alone while enjoying a great story and building whatever you want, all from your smartphone.


Neo Monsters

In Neo Monsters, your goal is to be a Neo Monster master! You can travel the world of Othlon in a setting reminiscent of past collect ’em all games like Pokémon, Digimon, and even like Yu-Gi-Oh!. You’re allowed to have a party of up to 16 monsters, and scour the land looking for more friends to play with! Neo Monsters boasts 60 hours of gameplay, so you know you’re going to have plenty of fun playing for hours to come. Neo Monsters also has over 140 side quests that deal with many different things aside from your journey to become a Neo Monster master, which let you continue to play to distract you from the main storyline and keep you entertained when your trainer journey becomes difficult to continue on!



Zenge is an interesting little game in the puzzle genre that follows the tale of a small man named Eon, surfing between the boundary of space and time. You have to solve puzzles, but it’s meant to be peaceful and calming instead of anything hard or fast paced, so there’s music and beautiful art to enjoy while you travel with Eon and see his experiences first hand. The sun, moon, and ice castles are all but a few of whatyou can enjoy when you play Zenge!


Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game unlike any other created. Meet Freddy Fazbear and his backup singers, Foxy the Pirate, Chica, and Bonnie! By day, they seem like any other kind of friendly animatronic. At night, the animatronics wander the pizzeria in search of intruders… Which means you, even though you’re just a graveyard shift security officer! Shield yourself from these scary robots by closing doors and keeping an eye on them through your security cameras and emergency lights, but watch out for your power gauge, because if it goes to zero, it’s lights out for you!

These all sound like great games, don’t they? We’re gonna tell you about a great website that offers free cracked Android games like these ones listed and so much more! They do it by modifying APK files, or Android Application Packages, which are the application files that Android runs, similar to applications on a Windows computer. These APK files give you access to new games whenever you want without paying. is a website that cracks all those great games, from Minecraft to Five Nights at Freddy’s and everything inbetween at no cost to you, while they do the hard work of cracking the games and giving you the free software. There are plenty of games to choose from that will ensure you won’t get bored and provide you with hours and hours of play time! When you download whichever game you choose, make sure to play responsibly.

There are plenty of other sites and games to choose from, but it’s all based on personal taste and what you think is best. These are just a few of our favorite, popular Android games that can be found for free on our favorite cracked website, just follow their simple instructions and you’ll be playing for free in no time!

Visit – Android Games Cracked



New Chrome Browser for Android

New Chrome Browser for Android

With the current influx of smartphones available in the market will all should agree that smartphone’s is unable to be only for principle utilization of sending sms’s, receiving or making telephone calls. It is essential that individuals will be able to use our phones for a lot of more activities as technology has arrived to generate how we live easy. There are 70,000 Android apps accessible for download on your piece if you are coupled to the internet. If you are merely wanting for the simple Android application to download in your touch screen phone to maintain your toddler busy within the back seat of your respective car while driving towards the daycare or if you happen to be serious day trader looking for an application that can help you stay updated of what is going about the the stock markets otherwise you are simply just following some story from the favorite Times, then getting an Android cell phone walks you until now than only using a piece along with you. Surely with over 70,000 apps readily available for your download there is certainly all sorts of Android applications for anybody, together with nice thing about it is always that developers usually are not sleeping around the job evidently as new Android applications turn up everyday.

New Chrome Browser for Android

One of the most recent mobile phones released is Sony’s Xperia Play. Xperia Play continues to be dubbed since the world’s first PlayStation certified phone. Not only is it a mobile phone, nevertheless it can also become a transportable gaming device. The controls are incredibly similar Sony’s other products such since the PSP as well as the PS3 controller only to mention a few.

Google has been working towards unifying its browser across all of the platforms ‘ Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Mac OS. They also just stated they are taking care of Chrome for that Android platform and that we could see the primary version from it rolling out this month. The Chromium revision log says Chrome ended up compiled for Android knowning that the mobile browser will have a great deal of precisely the same functionality a large number of individuals are enjoying on his or her desktops already.

New Chrome Browser for Android 2

And while we’re talking about the attraction, a designer flash animate nearly all content on-line, providing an abundant graphical nature of attractive and exciting websites. Texts, pictures and drawings could be animated with Flash. In addition, with this particular tool, designers can make 2D animation and 2D or create a write-up on the web to rotate or turn. With Flash technology, it’s also possible to incorporate multimedia elements for example films with audio output on internet pages. No wonder flash website design has opened a brand new era inside the Web presentation.

We’ll focus on Barcode Scanner as it’s an excellent time saver that permits you to scan QR codes in your monitor screen and zoom straight to the app under consideration. You can also apply it to scan product barcodes and locate reviews or best price information. It’s easy to use and turns out to be by far the most convenient method to get your applications.