6 Best Browsers for Android To Make Your Web Browsing Better

– We spend a lot of time surfing the web, from researching products to just finding answers to questions we must know right away, to finding news and anything else that we wanna do on the web. Essentially though, the web is just a bunch of code. What actually makes it look like what we’re used to seeing is your internet browser. Now that means that depending on the browser you’re using, you can have a very different experience when surfing the web. Thankfully, the way that Android works we can actually download any browser that we want from the Play Store and set up as our default browser, and then any time we open any type of link, or go to any webpage, it’ll automatically use that browser seamlessly as if it came on the phone.

So the question then becomes, what is the best browser? Well, in this video, I’ve put together six of the best Android browsers I could find that you should check out. (deep bass music) First up, is Chrome. Google’s own browser has to be on this list. It’s frankly my favorite browser if for no other reason than it’s clean and minimalistic looking, and syncs with all my devices since I use it on all of them and log in with my Google account on each. That means my bookmarks, history, saved form data and passwords etc. comes along to whatever new device I install it on. And for someone with a horrible memory like myself, that’s amazing. On top of that it can automatically translate webpages in other languages for you, it has a voice search feature, and tons more. With over a billion downloads, you can say it’s pretty popular. The browser loved by millions for its speed and super useful add-ons, Firefox browser also has to be on this list.

Chrome Android Browser

With super simple browser tabs, built-in casting support, fun personalization features and tons of add-ons that can add even more functionality, including ad-blocking, added features to sites like Facebook and YouTube when you browse them, and more. It’s no surprise that it has over a hundred million downloads and an almost religiously loyal fan base. Dolphin browser has been around for a long time, and it feels to me like it was one of the first third-party web browsers for Android that we started hearing about years ago.


Thing is, they must be doing something right, as after all this time it’s still here. With a native ad-block built in, slick tabs, bookmarks and add-ons, optimized downloading, and even built in flash support for you know, anyone that might actually still use that, it has a ton to offer. It even has a new feature, called Sonar, which allows you to not only search using your voice, but also share pages to social bookmark sites and more. Opera is another one of the bigger players in the browser industry, having been around for quite some time.

With Opera you get a built in ad blocker, translate feature, automatic compression of videos to help save data and reduce load times, and a smart news feed that allows you to swipe through news channels easily to get to your news faster. On top of that Opera has a small feature that a lot of people seem to love, the ability to force zoom on any site. Whereas most sites have a specific size and don’t allow you to zoom in any further, Opera forces them to allow it, that way you can zoom in and make things a lot easier to read. A browser with a heavy focus on speed, Puffin actually uses cloud servers to process sites on their side, before delivering it to your browser. The idea behind this is that their servers are more powerful than your phone and can render things faster, then deliver it to your device once it’s ready. The server side rendering also affords some other features for the browser, like being able to render Flash for you as well as being able to encrypt all of the data going through the browser for you automatically.


Which makes things like being on an unsecured wifi network just a little bit safer than using a different browser. On top of that, Puffin also compresses the data going to your phone, which means theoretically, less data usage, until you know, you start watching Flash stuff. Mercury Browser was first popular on iOS, and has since made its way to Android. From ad block to Flash support to gestures, auto-night mode, font changes, themes, plug-ins, unlimited tabs and more, it’s basically a clean looking browser with as many features as they can cram into it. On top of that, you can pin-lock the browser for extra security and even add themes to it for extra customization. There you go, the best browsers for Android that I could find. I’m sure there are others that are not on this list that you guys like.

So please leave them in the comments below, I’d love to check them out and I’m sure other people reading this article would like to see them as well. If you did like this article though, please thumbs up it or share it, it is greatly appreciated, and if you want more tech posts like this just visit the site regulary. As always though, thanks for reading.

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